Spine Specialists In Thane

Spine Specialists in Thane



Aging, improper body mechanics, trauma and structural abnormalities can injure your spine, leading to back pain and other symptoms such as leg pain and/or numbness or even leg weakness. Chronic back pain requires you to get yourself diagnosed and treated by an expert. Spine surgery is the last thing you should opt for, before considering other options if available. This investment of time and information-gathering will help you make an informed treatment decision that will best support your lifestyle and desired level of physical activity.

Get your spine treated from a team of spine specialists available at Currae Hospital.


Currae Healthcare Limited is a premier healthcare delivery service provider in India. The healthcare domains of the company primarily comprise of hospitals, diagnostics and post-surgery facilities. It offers the best services in all the different verticals of cosmetic surgery in a safe environment to ensure an ecstatic experience. The facilities involve modern technologies and infrastructure to provide high-quality treatment. Our mission is to march our way ahead of many other outstanding medical institutions in the world.


Dr. Nikhil Joshi

Consultant - Spine Surgeon

Dr. Nikhil Joshi did his M.B.B.S. from prestigious B.J. Government Medical College, Pune and postgraduate Orthopaedic training from P.G.I. Swasthiyog Pratishthan, Miraj, Maharashtra. Dr. Nikhil Joshi has 8 years of exclusive spine surgical experience in various aspects of spine surgery. He was selected for one year ASSI fellowship followed by clinical fellowship at P. D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai for...

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Dr. Raghuprasad Varma

Dr. Raghuprasad Varma – Spine Surgeon

Consultant - Spine Surgeon

- Dr. Raghuprasad Varma has done his basic medical education at the Grant Medical College , JJ group of Hospitals under the auspices of the University of Mumbai in 1994 , He pursued MS in Orthopaedics at the Bombay Hospital institute of medical Sciences ,Mumbai and passed out in 2001. - He is also a Diplomate of National Board ,New...

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We guarantee that the price you are given will include everything from the procedure itself, to the cost of your overnight stay and after treatment care – with transparency in costing.



1. What are common causes of back pain?

Back pain is one of the most common ailments; approximately 80% of the adult population will develop a significant episode of back pain sometime during their life. Unlike most of them, 10% to 20% will develop into significant chronic and/or recurrent episodes of back pain. Wear and tear conditions, such as degenerative arthritis and degenerative disc disease, are some of the most common causes. Low back joint restrictions and/or sacroiliac joint restrictions are also a common cause of acute low back pain. Muscle pulls and tears may also cause low back pain, but usually, the symptoms of muscular causes are short-lived. Weak muscles, poor flexibility, and poor posture all aggravate underlying conditions and worsen symptoms. Uncommon causes of pain include infection, cancer, fractures, aneurysms, and/or internal organ problems.

2. Does smoking cause spine problems?

Yes. Blood vessels become smaller due to smoking as it restricts the flow of blood and oxygen and nutrients to the tissues which affect the discs. Smokers go through more pain due to increased use of narcotics and other pain controlling substances. Surgery success rate is much lower in smokers. Smoking causes not only painful spine problems but also heart disease, lung disease, vascular disease, and cancer etc.

3.What is the type of spine surgeries?


Tissues are removed which compress the nerves in the back of the body. During the surgery process, the surgeons remove parts of the bone that constricts the nerves in the spinal column. As the stability of the spine is sometimes affected, a procedure called spinal fusion is also done.


This of the most widely recommended type of spine surgery for spinal conditions caused by spondylolisthesis and stenosis. The surgery involves removing parts of the backbone, to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves. The surgery is usually performed in combination with spine fusion surgery when instability of spine is suspected.

Spinal disc replacement

The spinal disc is replaced by an artificial disc which is fixed between the vertebrae. This surgery permits continued spine mobility and can be done without spine fusion.

Spine Fusion

This procedure involves joining two vertebrae together to increase spine stability. This results in restricted movements and limits stretching of nerves.


It is a type of spine surgery that is used to treat the herniated disc. In a discectomy, all or part of the disc is removed.

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