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The world has always gone by two maxims – ‘seeing is believing’ and ‘slim is beautiful’. From perfectly chiseled bodies of Greek Gods to the fine forms of the Indian pantheon, seldom has a pound been out of place. Yet, given our sedentary lifestyles and fast food craze, weight management is now a global concern. By dint of this universality, there are myths galore regarding weight management too
Snacking is always a bad idea

Not necessarily. It is the foods we choose to call snacks. Opt for natural juices rather than processed ones, choose yoghurt and fruit over ice cream or wafers. Also, don’t starve yourself as you will, in all probability, binge later.

Also, it is good to have 5-6 smaller meals a day rather than ingest all your calories in a single take. Follow the age-old dictum of ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a soldier and dinner like a pauper’ and you should be mostly sorted

No more fast food
The good news for the pizza generation is that you have a whole platter of salads, soups and multi-grain breads and lighter spreads and more nutritious fillings (maybe sprouts). Also, once in a week, indulge without feeling guilty – your body needs fats too
Carbs are all bad
No, all carbs aren’t bad. You’ll do well to steer clear from processed carbs but indulge in beans, whole grains, multi grain flours and breads
Certain foods make you burn calories
Pure fiction – even if there are foods that increase your metabolism, the amount is too miniscule to merit attention. The bad news is, there’s just no alternative to physical exercise. Oh yes, you heard it!
If you eat and exercise consistently, you will never gain weight
Fact is, you need to make necessary permutations and combinations as you age. With the ticking of your body clock, your metabolism decreases. And all that beer manifests as unsightly love handles below the navel. So, have a constantly evolving exercise regimen and keep surprising your body
Weight Loss Surgery in Mumbai | Weight Loss Surgery in Thane
How to get your customized weight management programme?

First, despite you believing that all the tyres round your tummy mean there’s more to love, truth is, no one likes a person who’s bursting at all sides like a ginger. Nor is being thin as a wafer going to take you anywhere.

Truth is each of us is a unique case unto ourselves. The first thing you should do is go for a professional body mass index (BMI) count. Having done that, enlist the services of a well-known dietician. Then, look for a good gym and personal trainer. And listen to your coterie of experts. Add your two bit too, but never cheat or lie. You’ll be caught anyway. Haven’t you heard ‘Once on the lips, forever on the hips’ or something such?

Balanced Diet & Healthy Lifestyle

are the two objectives of any weight management programme
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