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We’re sure you’ve heard the iconic story of Pandora whose box unleashed a lot of maladies into a hitherto utopian world.

When it comes to medical situations too, there’s more fiction than fact floating around and ready to prey on muddled minds. We bust a few stubborn myths hovering around Pyeloplasty,

Pyeloplasty is life-threatening
Absolutely not! It is in fact a minimally-invasive process to remove a blockage at the junction of one’s kidney and ureter
Pyeloplasty is not performed with ‘open’ procedures
It most certainly is. In open surgery, a larger incision is made on the side of the ribs through which the good surgeon works
It is not exclusively genetic
Truth is, most people are usually born with UPJ obstruction but it might remain dormant until later in life
It is incurable and fatal
No, Pyeloplasty is used to unclog the ureter and allow urine to flow
Stricture or internal disturbances usually aren’t culprits
On the contrary, the ureter can be blocked by a narrowing of the ureter walls aka stricture. Also, a truant blood vessel pressing on the ureter can be the cause
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Nice To Know
Post surgery

You would do well to avoid alcohol, spicy food, caffeine and other mildly irritating intakes Drink copious amounts of fluids and soups; go berserk with plain old water occasionally laced with juices, coffee, tea or even soda

Strictly avoid

Especially the first fortnight, slack around (no lifting, be careful with staircases, no strenuous exercises, no driving (or being driven around, for that matter), no operating machinery

Dietary supplements

Iron tablets, usually used as post-surgical supplements, may cause constipation and dark stools. Bowel obstructions are normal and need be heeded only if they become persistent Keep your incisions squeaky clean for a fortnight at least. Usually, you might shower only after 2 calendar days

Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty

is the preferred procedure as it is minimally invasive & enables faster recovery
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