Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

Laproscopic Radical Prostatectomy Mumbai, India
When it comes to the big ‘C’, there are a thousand myriad hues, one such being prostate cancer.

Radical prostatectomy is the surgery aimed at removing the prostate gland and some tissue around it. As with every type of cancer, there are a lot of myths surrounding this cancer too

Prostate cancer is an old man’s disease
While octogenarians account for 65% cases, factors such family history, race, physical health and lifestyle – geographic location – also come into play
Vasectomies cause prostate cancer
Quite the opposite actually. The urologist’s examination of the prostate has very often detected prostate cancer
Treatment causes impotence or incontinence
False, each person responds to treatment in his/her unique way and are hugely dependent on age and physical condition. Alternative therapies should also be considered
Sex increases risk
On the contrary, research reveals that men with more frequent ejaculations had a lower risk of developing prostate cancer
Cancer is a communicable disease
Prostate cancer is not infectious or communicable – one cannot “pass it on” to someone else
Laproscopic Radical Prostatectomy Mumbai, India
Did you know?

There are four (4) main techniques of radical prostatectomy surgery

Retropubic where a cut is made below one’s belly button to reach the pubic bone

Laparoscopic where many small cuts, rather than a lone big cut are made and slim elongated tools are placed inside them. Then, the surgeon inserts a thin tube with a video camera (laparoscope) inside one of the cuts which allows him to view the belly’s inside during surgery

The rare Robotic surgeries where the surgeon operates the apparatuses and camera with robotic arms from a control console near the operating table

Perineal A drain, christened a Jackson-Pratt drain, may be left in one’s belly to drain extra fluids after surgery

A drain, christened a Jackson-Pratt drain, may be left in one’s belly to drain extra fluids after surgery

A tube (catheter) is left in the bladder (for a few days to a to a few weeks) drain urine

Laproscopic Radical Prostectomy is quick & hassle free

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    Hospital Stay & Recovery

Laproscopic Radical Prostectomy

is minimally invasive and aids quicker recovery
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