Patient Testimonials for Currae Specialty Hospital
Jose Todescato Marcano
Monday, 06 June 2016

Jose Todescato Marcano
Years ago I did Bariatric Surgery back home in Brazil and had a huge weight loss after that. Knowing that in order to have better results out of it, I was supposed to do a plastic surgery to remove the excess of skin after the weight loss, especially the one in my belly. Although I had always been scared about that I made the decision myself to do a surgery this year and remove the excess of skin as well as in my chest,gynecomastia. I live in Dubai and in this place, cosmetic surgeries are so expense, I believe one of the most expensive places in the world to have a plastic surgery…anyways.

I still did a search around the city though, I realized after the search that most of the doctors over here, were from India. I then, had a click, let me check the cost of the treatments in India!!! I had a huuuuge surprise, the prices were more affordable than Dubai and the doctors qualified with so many years of experience as much as any other place, that’s when I heard about cosmetic tourism… I then decided to search for reliable places in India, that’s when I saw a medical tourism agency website very well done, with all the information I needed to make me feel comfortable with the idea of traveling abroad (and by the way, alone), I sent them an email with my expectations and someone called Ruchika was in touch with me at all times. She is also a doctor. I had “thousands” of questions to her and she was available at all times, either via email or whatsapp, phone. I felt secure with that too.

I then, had some skype interview with Dr Mukund Jagannathan, who has more than 20 years experience and super reliable. He was very honest, direct and clear, couldn’t be better than that. Awesome! Great person too! I decided to search about him in the Internet and couldn’t find anything negative about his expertise. I then wanted to know more about the hospital, which was also perfect, Currae¬†hospital, modest but very modern, their website had all the information I needed as well, I found out that it is quite a big group of hospital over India and that made me feel secure,

I would suggest anyone, anywhere to do a surgery in a cosmetic clinic but always in hospitals and Currae was the best option available in India, Mumbai. Currae Specialty Hospital was super clean, organized and with the most friendly staff ever, the attention given was just wow! I had a room for myself during the stay, all day long someone came to check if I was fine, the food was fine (I would suggest to have a menu for patients coming from abroad though). I never felt alone! At the hospital there were the girls called “angels”, whatever you needed, they were also there to assist you. The doctors, nurses, housekeeping guys, everyone! Can’t complaint! The language was not a barrier either, everyone could speak English, was super easy to communicate too. I will definitely recommend the hospital to others visiting India for medical services!
Thank you so much.”

Thank you again and appreciate all the service you have given.

Best Regards,
Jose Todescato Marcano

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