Patient Testimonials for Currae Specialty Hospital
Mr. Akhil Shaikh
Thursday, 15 June 2017

I am thankful to Currae Specialty Hospital and Dr. Nilesh Zope for successfully treating a patient like me of about 150 kgs and helping me stand on my own and walk after getting treated for a severe spine problem.

Mr. Akhil Shiakh was suffering from spine problem were he couldn’t stand & walk without the support of 2-3 people & also his weight was a negative factor which was around 150Kgs. He approached Dr. Nilesh Zope with is problem ,where he was recommended to do a MRI. The reports showed there is severe nerve compression, if not treated can lead to paralysis, so doctor suggested him to do a spine surgery. Later on he consulted around 8-10 doctors in and around Mumbai, but was not satisfied with the results. He came back to Dr. Nilesh Zope at Currae Specialty Hospital, hoping for the best outcome. Now, after surgery he is able to walk & stand by his own, without any kind of support. After 3days of surgery he was able to walk by his own. He is now living a healthy & normal life.

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