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While we’ve heard, and overheard, people accusing each other of being spine-less, truth is it is only uttered in the figurative sense.
Quite literally, all of us have spines to nurture and nourish. Here’s the dope on spine care
Exercise causes spinal pain
Vigorous exercise can cause back pain, but regular, moderate exercise won’t. Work with your spine specialist to find your niche
Once a spine surgery, always a spine surgery
Wrong! There’s no vicious cycle at work here. Often, accurate diagnosis used with rehabilitative remedies and correct post-surgical regimens are sufficient to prevent you from going under the knife a second time
Spine surgery has too many risks, including paralysis
Paralysis, the most dreaded snag of spine surgery, is actually least probable, as most spine surgeries do not involve the spinal cord
If I see a spine specialist, I’ll end up getting surgery
All spine experts aren’t surgeons. Anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, physical therapists and others provide nonsurgical treatment of spinal conditions and pain. Also, spine surgery is suggested in rarest of the rare cases, after thorough diagnoses, and only after a more conservative course of treatment has been tried
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How to customise your very own spine care programme?
Talk to your doctor

Have extensive Q&A sessions with your family doctor and ask for a second opinion too

Also, be very sure why your family physician is referring you to the particular spine specialist. Cross check and use your own resources (health apps maybe)

Explore the entire paraphernalia of spine specialists to ascertain who takes to your case like fish to water

Stay cheerful & disciplined

Plunge into your healthcare regimen with gusto – pre-surgery and post-surgery too

Spine Surgery help increase

an individual’s activity tolerance and thus help improve the quality of life
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Dr. Raman Umralkar explains symptoms which might indicate problems in your spine.

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