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Physiotherapy is a generic term used to describe a range of therapies that are intended to treat a host of medical conditions.
As is the case with all therapeutic routes, a lot of roadblocks to healing through physiotherapy occur in the form of myths like the following
Physiotherapy is painful
This is completely fictitious. While we understand the underlying resistance to all things new, physiotherapy assuages your pain, it doesn’t accentuate it
Surgery, not physiotherapy is more effective
Quite on the contrary, many medical conditions have been documented to experience better relief through physiotherapy rather than invasive surgical treatments
Mattresses can prevent back pain
False, however much screaming mattress companies might resort to, there is absolutely no scientific data to back this completely false claim
Stretching induces hurt and soreness
Completely false! In fact, there is no scientific evidence to prove that stretching pre and post running leads to muscle injury or muscle soreness
You should don a neck brace in case you’ve got a whiplash neck trauma
In case there’s no fracture accompanying the whiplash, medical research suggests that wearing a neck brace can indeed be damaging
Physiotherapy Treatment in Thane, India | Physiotherapy Treatment in Mumbai
When is your physiotherapist likely to suggest physiotherapy sessions?
Your physiotherapist is most likely to suggest a physiotherapy workout plan in therapeutic procedures following
Chronic pain

in different parts of the body that refuses to fade even after sessions of oral medication, sprays and injections

As part of the healing regimen

of patients who have suffered trauma and external injury that is stubborn or hasn’t responded to medication

For patients whose limbs have been numbed

by an internal bodily condition like stroke

Alongside physiotherapy, a host of other healing therapies

like acupuncture, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), ultrasound and hydrotherapy are used to enhance healing

Currae offers a host of physiotherapy treatments that’ll fast-track your healing into the fast lane

So, now that you have finally cleared that muddle in your head, dive into your physio sessions with gusto. They’re empowering
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