Trauma Management

Best Trauma Management in India Currae Specialty Hospital
Around 1.4 lakh people lose their lives to road accidents in India every year. This figure could’ve been significantly lesser had we enlisted the services of good trauma management centres.
Trauma management refers to that division of a hospital which is specially equipped to handle trauma or accidents
Trauma management presupposes a lot of patience and nimble footedness. It proceeds in the following manner
Initial evaluation
The first cardinal rule in trauma management is to stay utterly calm and composed. This is very essential to stabilise the patient and identify the life-threatening conditions and organise the treatment
Preparation and co-ordination of care
Trauma patients are under grievous conditions which require immediate attention to stop complications like internal haemorrhage, bleeding and multiple organ failure. This may be due to a lot of complications like falls and accidents, complications during childbirth and so on
Organisation of care
After this, most patients are rushed to the operation theatres where they are quickly operated upon. Some might also need a stint in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) pre or post surgery
Post operative and follow-up care
Since trauma cases do not usually recover in the same way as traditional cases do, they need a host of post operative cares and follow up regimen that even extends to the patient’s home. Procedures like physiotherapy, yoga and external medication, as well as dietary and nutritional changes might be necessary before the patient’s life gets back on track
Best Trauma Management in India Currae Specialty Hospital
Good trauma management teams are highly agile and well-trained to deal with emergency conditions like
General trauma
Cases of internal organ injuries and trauma like kidney, liver, pancreas and spleen injuries – resultant from complications like habitual drinking, drug abuse and other complications – require immediate attention, and possibly surgical intervention, to effectively arrest and correct them
Cases of neurological trauma like brain death, cervical immobilisation, pentobarbital coma, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury – which may result from physiological or psychological reasons – require the expert attention and intervention of neurologists specialising in trauma management
Accidents, infections, food poisoning and others
Trauma management also comes into play in emergency situations like road accidents, attempted suicides, unexplained infections and allergies, food poisoning, road rage, homicide and the like

Good and effective trauma-management units

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