Knee Replacement Surgery

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You need to have really strong knees to stand a chance at the marathon called life. Fact is, most of us succumb to the wear and tear of our daily grinds. And our knees start failing us. Here’s what you (k)need to know in knee care:
Ice alleviates knee pain
Well, this is a double-edged knife! While ice will give you instant comfort, it’s only temporary. It diminishes swelling but doesn’t provide any healing support
Rest until the pain goes away
No. While resting will lessen pain, it is not a long-term option. By avoiding exercises, you’re actually reducing flexibility and muscle definition
Over-the-counter pills are good
Wrong. Self-medication, or popping pills as per the will of your friendly neighborhood chemist can be lethal. While they can provide short-term relief, painkillers usually contain Acetaminophen, chronic use of which can damage your liver and lead to other medical complications
Over-the-counter knee braces are as good as customized
False. Customisation is the best as the brace fits you like a glove and helps more than mass-manufactured knee units
Surgeries are not successful
Incorrect. Knee replacement surgery is the most successful of all organ transplants and it lasts really long. But, you need to follow up the surgery with disciplined post-surgical health regimens and medications
While on surgeries, please note that there are three (3) different types of knee surgeries

Partial knee replacement is performed when only part of the damaged knee requires to be replaced. It could be replacing the inside (medial), outside (lateral), or the kneecap

Total knee replacement is performed when a diseased knee is replaced with artificial material

Revision knee replacement is performed in the highly unlikely case when a previously operated total knee prosthesis relapses and has to be filled with a new prosthesis

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What constitutes a good knee-care programme?
Correct diagnosis
A proper and thorough diagnosis, complete with your detailed medical history and a dependable second opinion Trying out oral medication but strictly not over-the-counter pills from the local chemist. Medication must always be on a proper prescription even if it is for what you deem a minor problem
Medication & therapies
Trying out alternative therapies has worked wonders for millions of people worldwide. Your good Doctor too will, in all likelihood, advise you to try out alternative therapies
Customised surgery
Choosing a bespoke surgical procedure after detailed counselling sessions with the specialists dedicated to your case and thorough with your medical history
Stay disciplined
Religiously follow the post-surgery regimen recommended by the doctors and paramedical staff. And never be complacent or hyper. Healing takes time and oodles of patience

Total Knee Replacement Surgery is quick & hassle free

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    Medical Check Ups
  • 4
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 5
    Hospital Stay & Recovery
  • 30
    home care
    Physiotherapy & Exercise

After Knee Replacement Surgeries

People get relieved from Knee Pain and enjoy most activities (except running and jumping) and thus restore their lives
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