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They say, ‘hips don’t lie’ – yet, when it comes to hip replacement – or ‘hip arthroplasty’- there’s a lot of half-baked truths floating around
I can take my own decisions
Absolutely not! If you are contemplating a hip-replacement surgery, please follow the pre-surgical dietary, nutritional and exercise regimen fanatically
Recovery is slow
Earlier, surgical procedures were lengthy as surgeons used to cut through all muscles. Not any longer. Minimally invasive surgery with a mini-incision where muscles are just moved aside has reduced recovery time substantially
I can drive around town from day 1
Absolutely not! Healing is not a fantastical or magical process. Get help with your car. And that’s a mandate!
I don’t need post care
You most definitely do. At least for a fortnight, please have help at hand, a cosy couch potato corner with telephone, remotes and knick-knacks at hand. Daily stuff must be kept at waist level to evade reaching and bending
Surgery is not recommended
Though, there are alternative procedures like exercise, walking aids (canes and walkers) or medication; topical medicines (eg. rub-on products) and steroids which have provided relief to a few, surgeries are the only solution for degenerative cases of hip pains
While still on the point of surgery, please note that a hip-care surgery usually involves any of the following three procedures

Hip dislocation surgery is performed to repair an injured hip

Hip Replacement surgery is performed when the hip becomes non-functional and needs external insertions or support which are either metallic or plastic

Revision Hip Replacement surgery is resorted to in the rarest of the rare of cases when there is relapse of conditions in a previously-operated hip

Hip Care Programme Mumbai, India
When must you opt for help with your hips?
Persistent nagging pain
You need to see your doctor if you experience persistent and nagging pain in your hips or hip disability In the highly unlikely case that you have the commonest hip condition that may people have been through and survived – osteoarthritis
History of arthritis
If you have some other form of arthritis, say rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis that results from a hip injury In the less likely case of your anatomy not responding very well to oral or non-surgical therapies Consult our panel of experienced doctors to ascertain the right diagnosis and cure

Hip Replacement Surgery is quick & hassle free

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    Approximate Surgery Time
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    Hospital Stay & Recovery
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    home care
    Physiotherapy & Exercise

Pain relief & improved joint function

Are the two main objectives of a good Hip Care Program
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Dr. Satish Puranik explains Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

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