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Don’t you think that most of us, by the time we exit our parts in the drama of life, are a case of broken bones?
We all at least have to pick up the pieces after some fractured egos. Being as commonplace that they are there, fractures breed a variety of myths
Fractures always bruise
Incorrect. Though fractures usually bruise, it may take 12-48 hours to show. If a painful injury creates aching and inflammation, do not assume it isn’t a fracture
Cast immobilization is important to prevent re-displacement
Actually, the sort of splint has less bearing on re-displacement. A decent splint should oppose the shift of the fracture. More unwieldy ones are unlikely to arrest unstable reductions
Osteoporotic distal radius fractures necessitate rigid fixation
Research reveals there is no proof of substantial value in respect of variety of motion or functional outcomes
Ubiquitous use of volar locking plates leads to superior outcomes
There is a dire lack of long-term superior outcomes with volar plating surgical technique
Autologous bone grafting is superior to allograft
Use of cancellous allograft isn’t very different from autologous bone grafting when it comes to fracture union and clinical outcome, but is quicker and not saddled with snags at the iliac donor site
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How best can you manage your fractures?
Don’t neglect the pain
The moment you experience pain after a mishap, don’t neglect it. Remember, delays aren’t appreciated especially when it comes to your body
Keep your wound dry
Dry wounds tend to heal faster. Do not add insult to your injury by dousing your fracture in anything liquid – be they your loved ones’ tears
Be disciplined
Follow the regimen prescribed by your good doctor even when your cast is off
Stay cheerful
Opt for a cheerful cast that you and your friends can write slogans on

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