Elbow Replacement

Total Elbow Replacement Surgery India | Elbow Joint Replacement
Truth be told, there’s a lot more we use our elbows for than merely nudging our spouses. And elbows, being the crucial joints that they are, have inspired a lot of myths
Splints are always unsightly and painful
No, on the contrary, splints provide the right support to your elbow. And they can be customized to your liking
Rubbing ice directly thaws pain
In fact, this might give you frostbite! Wrap ice in a piece of cotton cloth before applying on sore spots after physical therapy
Post-surgery, I need to be squeaky clean
While you might be a water baby or a hygiene freak, better be informed that post-surgery, you need to take your doctor’s permission before subjecting your wound to jet sprays, steams and Jacuzzi, saline or chlorinated water. Dry wounds heal faster. Sponging may be the best option
Elbow replacement Mumbai, India
When would your doctor recommend an elbow replacement surgery?
Persistent arthritic problem
In case you have been diagnosed with one of the commonest arthritic complications, rheumatoid arthritis
Trauma cases
In the immensely improbable event that you have met with an accident or have been in the midst of a trauma
Earlier surgical complications
A re-constructive surgery would be recommended in the rarest-of-the-rare of cases when an elbow that has been earlier subject to surgery develops complications

Elbow Replacement Surgery is quick & hassle free

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    Medical Check Ups
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    Approximate Surgery Time
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    Hospital Stay & Recovery
  • 30
    home care
    Physiotherapy & Exercise

After Elbow Replacement Surgery

Patients are able to regain much of the lost comfort & function in the arthritic elbow
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