Trucut Needle Biopsy

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Like the rest of her ilk, there’s a lot of hearsay when it comes to the big ‘C’ – cancer and its treatments like TruCut needle biopsy.
TruCut Needle Biopsies are very expensive
Not at all, it is tried and true, easy, and duplicable, mostly carry through instead of incisional or excisional biopsy and frozen section
Needle biopsy can bother cancer cells, trigger spread
TruCut needle biopsy is being preferred as no surgery is involved and recovery is faster
TruCut biopsies can ’empower’ cancer cells, causing them to disperse to healthy of the body
This is a figment of somebody’s imagination. More and more, TruCut needle biopsies are being executed for the diagnostic work-up of cancer as pathologists are getting better at working with small specimens (with the aid of immunohistochemistry)
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Did you know?
Trucut Needle Biopsy is very accurate

It is a great alternative to fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of breast lesions with a high diagnostic accuracy of 98.2%

When an entire lump or suspicious area is abstracted, the procedure is termed excisional biopsy

When only a sample is abstracted and the histological architecture of the tissue’s cells is preserved, it is termed incisional/core biopsy

Trucut Biopsy is an accurate alternative

to fine needle aspiration in the diagnosis of lesions
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