Splenectomy (Removal of Spleen)

Laparoscopic Spleen Removal Surgery (Splenectomy) India
There’s a lot in life that we remain thankless to, chief among which is our body’s immune system. And there’s a lot of spleen in it
I’m making adequate platelets
Most of us presume that our spleen is producing plenty of platelets but cannibalising them. On the contrary, the opposite could be quite true
My immune system works overtime
Highly unlikely; chances are your immune system isn’t working properly
There’s just one cause of spleen failure
Absolutely not. Spleens may fail for several reasons like blood diseases, cancer or trauma (accidents)
Vaccination’s not mandatory
Wrong! Pneumococcal, meningococcal and Hib vaccination are all vital. It’s imperative to discuss the frequency – some are one-off, others need boosters. Also, you may need additional vaccines when travelling abroad
Antibiotics are superfluous
Usually, you need to be on antibiotics for the first two years after you undergo splenectomy. In certain cases, it might be life-long. But in all cases, please complete the course
Splenectomy Mumbai, India
When does your doctor recommend Splenectomy?
Auto-immune thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP)
This is the commonest reason. Here, one’s platelet count is low as the patient’s body produces antibodies to destroy platelets in the spleen
Hemolytic anaemia
In this case, the body makes antibodies to red blood cells which are annihilated in the spleen
Medical conditions
Such as spherocystosis, sickle cell disease, thalassemia etc., in which the spleen sees red blood cells as its nemesis
Malignancy & other reasons
In some very rare cases, malignancy might also necessitate spleen removal as it removes too many platelets from your blood; the spleen might need to be sheared

Other reasons include blocked spleen (infarct), abnormal arterial expansion (aneurysm)

Splenectomy is quick & hassle free

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    Hospital Stay & Recovery

Laparoscopic Splenectomy

is the preferred procedure as it is minimally invasive & enables faster recovery
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