Perianal Fistulectomy (Removal of Fistula)

Perianal Fistulectomy India | Fistula, Piles and Haemorrhoids
Much of the half-truths cloaking rectal surgery can be the stuff of prime-time fiction.

Embarrassment is never your best behavior for doctors, nor seeking consolation in dressing room banter. Some of the age-old myths are

Fistulectomy is one procedure only
No, fistulas have 3 important parts – external opening, tract and internal opening and Fistulectomy is removing these 3 parts systematically
There’s just one type of fistula

False. According to the Parks classification system, fistula tracts described in relation to anal sphincter complex, are of four types – Intersphincteric, Transsphincteric, Suprasphincteric and Extrasphincteric

An abscess always become a fistula

No, in fact, there are only 50% chances. Only if drainage persists for two to three months, perianal fistula tests are conducted

Fistula, Piles and Haemorrhoids are synonyms
No, they are different medical conditions. Fistula is an anomalous tract formed inside the rectum (mainly anal crypts) to the outer skin from which there is constant discharge and occasional inflammation and tenderness. Piles and Haemorrhoids are generally the same. But ‘external’ or a ‘sentinel’ piles, form anal fissures due to hard stools. These may also bleed occasionally. Haemorrhoids are internal varicosities of small verins that manifest as both internal and external piles; due to accrued pressure in the area from extended sitting, inordinate straining at stool, obesity, pregnancy etc.
Perianal Fistulectomy Mumbai, India
Nice to know

Fistulectomy is the process where the fistulous tract is cut out completely. In Fistulotomy, it’s merely laid open to heal

For a quicker healing

You can promote healing by getting plenty of rest, frequently changing gauze or pad, taking sitz baths thrice a day and after bowel movements and follow your after-care instructions

Post surgery

You may be on a liquid diet for 24 hours to minimize nausea and constipation; then you can upgrade to a regular diet which includes lots of whole grains, green leafy vegetables, and fruits

Perianal Fistulectomy is quick & hassle free

  • 1
    Medical Check Ups
  • 45
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery

Only surgery can cure fistulas

And the surgery works extremely well for complicated and uncomplicated fistulas with success rates of upto 98%
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