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Hernias have had a long history of troubling human beings. And like all things bothersome, they are as ‘rumour-ous’ as they come
If I avoid heavy lifting, I’ll escape hernias
There are other factors too – slim muscular walls or even hereditary (which mightn’t be instantly palpable)
Hernias occur only in men
Wrong! Although men account for 80% cases, as many as 20% hernias occur to women
Rest and avoiding activities can fix it
If you already have hernia, you will need medical assistance to make it go away
Mesh patches are best for surgical hernia repair
This is a broad generalisation; remember, one size doesn’t fit all
Traditional non mesh hernia repair is inferior
Conventional non-mesh hernia repair is possible – w recurrence rates are low and they are simpler
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Nice To Know
Hernias manifest as bulges
They are under the skin usually occur around the groin (inguinal), belly button (umbilical), and the site of a previous operation (incisional)

Bulges which were intermittent, but are now a permanent fixture could be a symptom of hernia

Hernia’s symptoms
Include discomfort while lifting, coughing, straining while using wash-rooms or extended standing or sitting

Pain may excruciating or a dull ache that worsens as the day progresses

Severe, ceaseless pain, redness, and tenderness are signs that the hernia may be constricted

Hernia Repair is quick & hassle free

  • 1
    Medical Check Ups
  • 1.5
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery

Recovery from Hernia Surgery

Varies from patient to patient and also depends on whether the surgery is open or laparoscopic
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Dr. Ramesh Punjani explains Hernia and its causes.

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