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By virtue of being one of the commonest complaints, the appendix as an organ, has been the butt of many a joke and puns, intended or otherwise. Let’s bust a few myths
Appendix is of critical use to the body
Wrong! It was particularly helpful to our ancestors who ate a lot of raw plant-based food. As we evolved, intake of uncooked food went down and the appendix was thought to be useless
Heavy workout or running after a meal causes appendicitis
Absolutely false! In fact, it is usually caused by a fecalith or a small hardened piece of stool which enters the appendix
Eating tomatoes or small seedy vegetables causes appendicitis
No! Munch away those luscious sun-kissed love apples to glory. Appendix has a larger opening which is well-nigh improbable to be gagged by seeds
Seeping out of small amount of blood or fluid is abnormal and dangerous
No! Such discharges, called seroma, are perfectly normal
Every pain in the abdomen is appendicitis
This is a gross generalisation. If the pain comes accompanied by symptoms like fever, unease, nausea and loss of appetite, you should get a thorough check up done
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Nice To Know
Appendicitis needs urgent attention
As it might burst as early as 48 to 72 hours after symptoms begin occurs when an appendix’s interior is filled with extraneous matter (mucus, bacteria, stool, parasites etc.)
Appendix can burst
When the walls of the appendix develop holes, allowing extraneous mater to seep inside the abdomen, it is liable to burst

Appendectomy is performed as the appendix is liable to rupture and cause infection

Peritonitis is an abdominal infection which occurs when the appendix ruptures

Appendectomy is quick & hassle free

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People undergoing Appendectomy

Should limit their physical activity to enable faster healing of tissues
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