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The oft-used medical term ENT is actually an acronym for diagnosis and treatment of the large range of diseases that affect three vital organs Ear, Nose and Throat.
As with all medical procedures, there are a lot of myths regarding ENT procedures too like
Surgeries are hardly successful
No. Quite on the contrary, most ENT surgeries are restorative and should be seen in that light – as an empowering procedure that’ll help you hear, talk and smell better
Over the counter drugs are safe
As a rule of thumb, please be advised that however contrary your friendly neighbourhood chemist might claim, over the counter drugs are never safe for anyone. In fact, they can lead to complications if used continuously over a period of time. Please make sure that the pills you pop are prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner
Corrective equipment is expensive and unsightly
Quite the opposite actually as thanks to the advancements in medical science, these days everything intended to relieve persistent ear, nose and throat problems – be they hearing aids, neck supports or nasal accessories have become slick, even stylish, and completely affordable with EMI options. Plus, it’s not fashionable to endure nagging pains!
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Did you know?

Cotton swabs don’t necessarily clear ear wax. Some experts fear that they in fact complicate matters by pushing wax further into the ears and leaving behind shards of cotton

One cannot stop the nose from bleeding merely by lying down or applying ice on the neck. The right thing to do is to place a cotton ball soaked in prescribed nasal spray into the nose and slightly pinching to close it and slightly tilting the head forward to enable excess blood to drain out

There are ENT specialists who claim that gargling is recommended for everyone as an exercise and not just a therapy

Say ‘No’ to ENT problems as

ears, nose and throat are vital sensory organs absolutely essential to relish life
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