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Let’s face it, all of us who like a little tipple at sundown, or jostling with the crowds at hip beaches or pubs, the onset of beer bellies are just a matter of time.

While there are medical procedures to treat those unsightly love handles, they come with their share of myths like

Tummy tucks leave colossal marks
The fear’s always there. Agreed, the procedure involves a long incision stretching amid the hipbones, but it is usually well concealed at the pubic line. Our surgeons will go out of their way to conceal the incisions along the natural creases of your body to make them even less noticeable. Don’t you worry; we assure you there’ll be no scars
Tummy tucks make one lose or gain weight
Nothing could be farther from the truth. Abdominoplasty doesn’t affect weight in any way. Some fat and excess skin is removed during surgery; this isn’t enough to engender a noticeable weight fluctuation
Tummy tucks can make you gain weight by overeating
In fact, you may have a slight loss of appetite post-surgery which means you’ll have to work around this temporary side effect by eating healthy and once you regain appetite, please ensure that you get on to that treadmill with vengeance
A tummy tuck makes the entire abdomen go numb, forever
In the aftermath of an abdominoplasty, one might feel a localized numbness but this numbness will recede rather than pick your belly as its permanent abode
Tummy tucks paired with Liposuction are very painful
Let’s just say most it’s a big big lie. Truth be told, they do cause some uneasiness individually, but nothing persistently unbearable
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How to get ready for Abdominoplasty
At the very outset

Zero in on a surgeon (Currae offers you myriad choices and we have real testimonials to help too) and schedule a consultation during which you should spell out your goals. The surgeon will, in all likelihood, discuss the following options

Complete abdominoplasty

Is where the tummy is cut from hipbone to hipbone and subsequently the skin, tissues and muscles are contoured. Sometimes, one needs to insert drainage tubes under the skin for a few days

Partial abdominoplasty

Also known as mini abdominoplasties are recommended for those whose fat sockets lie below the navel. It usually gets over in a couple of hours.


Please quit smoking a fortnight before and a fortnight after the surgery as smoking causes complications and slackens healing

Please do not try diets anywhere close to the surgery. A balanced healthy diet enhances the healing process

Don’t hide anything

Update the surgeon about your complete medical history including your prescribed medicines and supplements. It is quite possible that you might need to make adjustments there

Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty is quick & hassle free

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After Abdominoplasty Surgery

People generally love how the way they look
“ Starting with the front office, admission procedure to actual operation, we had a good experience of healthcare. ”
Mughda & Suhas
“ Total knee replacement surgery was no problem for Currae for my 85 year old father. Thanks Currae. ”
Shri Rameshwarlal’s Son
“ We were really impressed with how true the Hassle Free experience was at Currae. We terms this great service. ”
Arora Family

Dr. Sameer Karkhanis explains Tummy Tuck/ Abdominoplasty.

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