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Reams have been written about breasts, one of the most striking features of the human anatomy that can at once enhance. Here too, there are a lot of myths muddling the heads of those contemplating breast augmentation, for instance
Breast implants warrant replacement every decade
Absolutely not. So long as the implants are soft and the person is comfortable in his skin, there’s no need to replace. Having said that, one might require a lift
In case of ruptures, silicone migrates to other bodily parts
False. In fact, with the latest Cohesive Gel Implants, the surgeon can cut implants into half with a pair of surgical scissors
Breast augmentation enhances the level of the nipple and areola
This is yet another myth. Agreed, it creates an illusion. In the highly unlikely scenario that one’s nipple lies at fold level or below, one should contemplate an assisted lift
Implants increase the risk of autoimmune disease or cancer
As recently as about a decade back, there was universal agreement of the medical fraternity that Cohesive Gel Implants were safe for breast augmentation
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Did you know?
Silicone implants are more popular

Almost three-fourths of augmentations use silicone over saline, thanks to new cohesive gel aka “gummy bear” implants which are a lighter, softer and feel more natural. There is also a lower deflation rate and less rippling

Most plastic surgeons prefer inframmamry (under the breast fold), peri-areolar (around the areolar) or transaxillary (under the armpit) procedures

Anxiety over size selection is very common

Indecisiveness about size is the commonest cause of anxiety. One must have empowering and confidence boosting consultations with practising and renowned plastic surgeons to get a tailor-made procedure. Nowadays, most use imaging technology to reassure and help patients visualise their post-surgical selves

Confidence is the key

You would also do very well to remember that confidence, being comfortable in your skin and respecting your body, the temple of your very own living God, is paramount. For,there’s but one life to live and precious little that your genuinely heart-warming radiant smile can’t achieve

Breast Augmentation is quick & hassle free

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    Hospital Stay & Recovery

Breast Augmentation Procedures

Are a major positive step for most women and help boost self esteem
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Dr. Sameer Karkhanis explains Surgery for Breast Augmentation.

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