Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeries

At Currae Speciality Hospital, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive bouquet of restorative, beauty-enhancing therapeutic cures through bespoke Plastic and Cosmetic surgeries.
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Face Lift Surgery
This division is wholly dedicated to providing restorative surgically-enhanced assistance to treat a whole range of age-induced, traumatic or beautification techniques to intensify the facial muscles and contours.
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This division is an in-house cosmetic surgery super-speciality which aces the test when it comes to liposuction or surgical removal of excessive and unsightly bodily fat.
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Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty
This division houses an entire brood of super-specialists who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves in helping you to shed the ungainly belly fat that exercising has failed to.
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Breast Augmentation
This division offers a platter of services that are engineered to enhance sagging bosoms, be it for either cosmetic or medical purposes and reasons.
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Breast Uplift
This division is entirely devoted to giving surgically-enhanced aid and render those most romanticised and eulogised parts of the feminine body – breasts.
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