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Painless Delivery

Painless Delivery Thane Mumbai

Pregnancy and childbirth is the most emotional feeling for a woman and her family overall. The nine-month of pregnancy is full of dreams and planning. The only one thing which makes a pregnant lady curious, anxious and fearful is the pain during delivery.

Reason for Pain During Delivery

There are various reasons for pain experienced by a woman during their labour or delivery. The pain during labour is caused by the stretching of the cervix, uterus, vagina and perineum leading to stretching of nerve fibres supplying them. The fetal skull leads to squeezing of the soft tissue hence causing more. This is the reason why pain subsides and decrease in intensity after the head comes out.

There are various ways of painless delivery

Epidural Delivery

In this kind of delivery, an epidural is used to reduce pain in case of complications or caesarean delivery. It is the most preferred type of delivery. It starts working within 15-20 min of injecting.

It reduces the pain where only little contractions and movement of the child is felt.

Advantages of administering Epidural Analgesia

  • The normal birth process puts a lot of stress on the mother and the baby.
  • This process lowers high Blood pressure
  • Heart patient friendly
  • Faster process helps in caesarean too

Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga helps in various ways to ease the delivery related pain. It consists of various pranayamas which are important for painless delivery. There are 2 important pranayamas for a pregnant woman to practice, one is Bharmari pranayama which tunes neuroendocrine system of the body and helps in relieving pain during delivery.

Second important pranayama is the Baddhakonasana which strengthens the core of the reproductive organs and muscles active during delivery and makes them more flexible for delivery. For some it may be difficult to perform this pranayama, they can practice the mudras which are effective too.

This Yoga pranayama should be practised regularly throughout pregnancy period for a safe, painless delivery.

Hypnosis for Painless Delivery

Hypnosis, unlike other treatments, concentrates on the mind rather than the body. It helps you relax your body and make it easy for the child to drop out of the cervix without much pain and opposition. It is helpful for patients who panic easily when they experience pain even slightly.

Water Birthing a method for Painless Delivery

Water birth is a process that provides maximum relaxation to the back of the mother through hydrotherapy. It requires a woman to sit in a tub full of warm water which provides pain relief and helps smoothen the opening of the cervix. This process helps create a gravitational pull where the baby descends more easily due to a decrease in contractional force.

The temperature of the water matters the most to avoid any discomfort to the mother or the child. The water should neither be cold nor too warm for the mother. Cold water may help spread of infection through the water.

Medicines for Painless Delivery

Sedatives are used in some cases for the unbearable pain to the mother, but they can be risky if given in high dose for the child. Hence these are used very rarely keeping the condition and other medical complications in mind.

All these methods are used to make delivery of a child a memorable and happy moment for the mother rather than painful traditional process.

A non-medical procedure that eases pain during labor

Preparing for delivery is important to avoid any complications on the day of the delivery. There are various preparations one can do like

Advantages of administering Epidural Analgesia

  • Exercise regularly after consulting your doctor
  • Practice breathing techniques
  • Go for a message it will help you relax your muscles and tissues
  • Use warm water for your bath
  • Change sitting or sleeping positions after consulting your doctor and choose the ones best suited for you.

Not every method suits every woman hence you need to work closely with your doctor and decide for yourself what’s best for you. Being ready early will help you avoid a lot of complications and problems later. Make sure you eat the right nutrients best suited for you and your child. All this will help you determine the best way suited according to your body and condition


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