Bhushan MokAshi- 34 Years old – ventral hernia

Bhushan MokAshi- 34 Years old – ventral hernia
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I am 34 Years old, I stay in Palghar, I stay with my wife and my 2 years old daughter and my brother’s family. I work for a pharmaceutical shop as an Admin from last 10 years. I was operated in Currae on 21st April. On 5th of April, I had noticed a small cyst around my umbilical area. I went to kaushalya hospital in thane to get done with the laparoscopic procedure but it was not covered therein TPA. Then I got to know about Dr. Mandar and I read the reviews of him on google and I got to know that he practices at Currae. later I got to know that I can get cashless services in Currae for laparoscopic procedure of a ventral hernia. I had an amazing experience at Currae hospital. The housekeeping, medical staff, food and all the other services were prompt. After 30 days from the procedure, I am feeling perfectly fine and I do not even feel like I had undergone any surgery.

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