Vijayalakshmi Mundra

Vijayalakshmi Mundra
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My name is vijayalaxmi, aged 60 years. I was running a general store for almost 35 years in Naguar district of Rajasthan. Just few years back I shifted with my son to Mumbai. I lead a very active life but due to consistent knee pain all my normal activities were affected for instance I couldn’t walk for longer distances.
I was referred to Dr.Bakul , ENT specialist at Currae hospital by one of my family friend. I should say, he is just amazing. I had consulted others doctors as well before meeting Dr. Bakul Arora, I can clearly see why he is different from other doctors. His personality and the positive aura around him makes patient comfortable.
I am satisfied with the treatment and will give it a big thumb up.
Special thanks to Dr, Bakul Arora

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