Sudesh Arora

Sudesh Arora
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My name is. Sudesh Arora, I am from Jamshedpur, I have been into the profession of Teaching for almost 25 years now and retired just recently. After retirement, I have undertaken some enthusiastic work for social work. I have one child who is working in Mumbai and one girl she is settled in the USA. A year ago, I want to the USA to visit my little girl. Since then I have begun to experience this extreme pain in my knee. We consulted specialists there and they encouraged us to undergo surgery as soon as possible as the surgery cost seem to be towards the higher brackets in the US, we dropped the idea of undergoing surgery there. In the wake of returning to India, I got to know about Dr. Baku Arora through YouTube while randomly looking on for some TKR method. I was amazed and upbeat in the meantime to see the method suggested in the video and the best part has he specified it was a painless procedure. Along these lines, when I was back to Mumbai, I chose to consult the Doctor and discuss my condition I need to state Dr. Bakul is a Great human and an extraordinary specialist. His method for talking and idiosyncrasy towards his patients is Mesmerizing. I would state not many specialists would have that sort of appeal on their patients. Finally, we chose to complete it on 8th January. It’s been over a month now and I am having my physiotherapy sessions as recommended my Dr. Bakul. I am particularly content with the overall experience at Curare Hospital.

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