Sarojini Sahu

Sarojini Sahu
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Hello, I am Mrs. Sarojini’s son. I am from Thane.  I am originally from Orissa. My mother had arthritis problem from past 15 years but from last 2 years, she has lost the mobility. I mostly stay out of India because of the office work. This time when my mother visited me, I realized it was way too painful for her to deal with this sort of knee pain. About a few months back I saw an article of Dr. Bakul Arora in Times of India. I was impressed by his procedure and decided to consult my condition with him. At one of the functions, I got to know that one of my friend’s friend happened to be a patient of Dr. Bakul. He had amazing positive reviews about him which made my decision to visit him. We were very much happy after the consultation with Dr. Bakul. Though my mother doesn’t understand Hindi or English, she has great vibes for Dr. Bakul. She kept smiling during and after the consultation. Dr. Bakul Arora has a magnetic personality. His humility and friendly nature make him stand apart from others. I would also like to thank Curare hospital for their amazing hospitality. I am very thankful to all the additional staff of Currae for being so passionate about delivering their duties promptly. A special thanks to the lady who handles the Insurance. She made everything seems like a cake walk. All papers and claims were easily processed. They practice what they preach, just like their tagline “Hassle free healthcare”.

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