Nanda Bhujpal

Nanda Bhujpal
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My name is Nanda, I am a housemaker, aged 50 years old. I was having the issue in both of my knees and my hand fingers for past 15 years. I consulted various doctors in past. Some of them considered it as Arthritis other narrated an altogether different tale. It was only when I got to know about Currae hospital through my family friend. I decided to give it a shot. My initial consultation was with Dr. Chetan.
I came for a consultation and was quite impressed and happy with the overall plan charted by Dr. Shailendra. He decided to do surgery for both knees in a gap of four months. As of now, I am done with the surgery for both of my knees.
I am happy with the overall experience at Currae hospital. I loved the cleanliness, Staff promptness and the environment inside the hospital. I would recommend Currae hospital for everyone.

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