Knee Replacement at the age of 61

Knee Replacement at the age of 61
Patient Name : Savita Prakash
Medical Condition :
Gender : Female
Age : 61 Years

My name is Savita Prakash. I am 61 a resident of Miraj, Sangli District, Maharashtra. I had my Total Knee Replacement done at Currae Hospital thane on June 2017.

In 1996, I met with an accident and as a result of which my motor nerve was damaged that caused steady pain and discomfort in my knee which required some surgical care .I met Dr Milind Kulkarni who recommended me to do the surgery. I was not sure about this technique. So it got delayed for a couple of years. Through Facebook, I got to know about Dr Bakul Arora. I was impressed by the results. I decided to meet him personally and discuss my case . He cleared all my doubts and I left his office with a new hope and the probable full stop of all my knee issues. Dr Bakul is not only a specialist with decade old experience but also an incredible individual who ensures to give personalized attention to patients. At first, I figured I would just need Tension therapy however, later Dr Arora cleared that my condition requires a surgery and that’s how my surgery got booked. Being a single lady at my home, I have many responsibilities towards my family. I can’t be on bed rest for very long. This was one of the reasons I delayed my surgery for so many years. The post-surgery procedure ensured quick recovery with minimum post-surgical pain. The other staff was very friendly and cooperative that made my surgery less troublesome. The medical caretakers are prompt and know how to deliver to individual patient’s needs. The atmosphere inside is homely which doesn’t give you that run of the mill feeling of being in a hospital. I am satisfied with the overall experience. I would like to recommend Currae to everyone without a second thought.

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