Other Oncology Services

Other Oncology Services

Oncological Services are very important for a person’s overall health. Apart from their preventive nature, these services are curative and therapeutic too.

Read on to find the great benefits of these services

Tests detect your vulnerability & actually help you avoid cancers

Oncological tests are a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. Routine health check-ups can help detect unnatural growths and aberrations. Early detection implies complications can be nipped in the bud before they assume chronic proportions

Oncological procedures support treatment

Certain oncological services like chemotherapy and radiation are also necessary to support other treatments like shrinking a tumour before operating on its excision

Oncological procedures are life-saving & aid medical research

Oncological services like radiation also assume great significance in treating complications that affect different age groups be they newborn babies or eighty-year olds. They are also invaluable tools extensively used in medical research


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Periodic health check-ups and preventive tests are essential and advised for everybody. However, they are especially recommended due to the following reasons

Lifestyle factors

It has been observed that people with unhealthy lifestyles that result in obesity, or people addicted to substance and alcohol abuse are more prone to developing cancer

Work factors

If your work exposes you to a lot of radiation or you work outdoors for long hours without taking any precaution about exposing your skin to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, you are at a risk of cancers such as skin and radiation-induced cancer


Though there is no absolute guarantee that cancer cells travel in your genes, one is indeed more susceptible to cancer if there is a family history to it

Previous treatments

Oncological services are also necessary in cases where the previous treatments have been only partially effective. Or in the rare cases where cancers either relapse

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