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Our body is made up of a network of bones known as the skeleton which gives our body its basic shape. Bones are made up of collagen which is a form of a protein as well as calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. Calcium and collagen gives the bone strength and flexibility that is required for movement and performing our daily tasks.

The continuity of the bone structure is necessary to for movements and when this continuity in the bone structures breaks i.e. a bone cracks or breaks then it is known as a fracture. A bone fracture may occur due to severe external trauma such as in an accident which puts significant pressure on the bones. It may also occur due to weakening of bones due to diseases of the bones such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

A bone may be just cracked, broken or displaced entirely where the bone ends separate from each other such as in the case of a shoulder dislocation where the ball in the shoulder shifts from the socket. This is very severe and may require surgery as compared to an undisplaced bone which can be treated using a cast.

There are different types of fractures that can happen and may vary according to severity and type of treatment. The different types of fractures are:

There are essentially two types of treatments available for fractures. They are:

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Dr. Abhijit Savale

Dr. Abhijit Savale – Orthopedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Consultant - Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon, Trauma Specialist n Spine Surgeon
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Dr. Milind R Sawant

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Years of Experience: 30+ Years


The recovery period of a fracture depends upon the severity of the fracture and may take few weeks to several months to heal completely. After the cast or braces are removed, patients are advised to not perform those activities that put pressure on the bone and let it become strong so that it can bear weight again. In addition to these, rehabilitation programs include exercise and gradual increase in the use of the injured party to perform activities.


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Our hospital in Mumbai, Thane has a world-class Trauma and Fracture department where all kinds of fracture treatments are provided by our team of orthopedists and surgeons. They have years of experience and are skilled at performing all kinds of fracture surgeries. The success rate of surgeries in our hospital is very good with many patients healing completely. We also have a highly trained medical staff whose prime responsibility is to provide excellent care to the patients so that they heal and recover fast.


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