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Hip replacement is also known as Total Hip Arthroplasty and is performed to remove the worn out joint of the hip with an artificial joint or prosthesis. It is common for patients suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or traumatic arthritis which creates swelling in the joints and reduce mobility. To replace the ball and socket joints a total hip replacement surgery using metal, ceramic or plastic material is done. The cartilages that are damaged are replaced with new materials. In this surgery an incision that is several inches long is made over the hip joint. Minimally invasive hip replacement uses several incisions of small depths. Hip replacement is recommended for:

Pain from hip fracture is often very serious and resists movement and daily activities. Hip replacement cures it all. The main aim of the hip replacement surgery is to replace the damaged parts of the hip joint and to free the patient from the pain that otherwise could not be controlled. Hip replacement surgery is different for each patient depending on their health and hip condition.

Dr. Aashish Arbat

Consultant - Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgeon

Dr. Aashish Arbat is one of the very few surgeons specialized for tissue preserving total knee replacement Surgery in India. -Introducing tissue preserving (Subvastus Cruciate Retaining) Surgery – Leading to a patient’s early recovery. -Computer Assisted TKR Surgery (CAS) - Navigation enabling precision of surgical cuts. -Introducing Bone Conserving Total Knee Replacement Surgery – Preserving patient’s natural wealth. -Facilitating High...

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Dr. Bakul Arora

Consultant - Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement

Faculty guest lecturer at NZCON Amritsar 2014. Faculty at Apollo revision knee symposium, Hyderabad 2015. Paper presentation for research article on subvastus approach In revision TKR, 2014 Kyoto, Japan. Dr. Bakul Arora is a consultant Joint Replacement surgeon with vast experience of 4000+ knee and Hip replacements surgeries over 11 years. He has presented Various papers at International and National...

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Dr. Chetan Wankhede

Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Chetan Wankhede Orthopaedic/Jont Replacement Surgeon at Currae Specialty Hospital & CUrrae Gynaec | IVF | Birthing Hospital. He is specialized in Trauma, Arthroscopy & Joint Replacement. He has 7+ Years of Experience

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Dr. G. N. Gaikwad

Consultant - Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. G. N. Gaikwad of our Currae hospital, Thane is an acclaimed name in his field, He is a one of the most distinguished and recognized practitioner in the orthopaedics discipline of medicine. The doctor deals with the problems related to the musculoskeletal system, concerned with the correction of spinal & bony deformities in children as well as adults. The...

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Dr. Gundappa

Dr. Gundappa Tarapur

Consultant - Orthopaedician & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Gundappa B.Tarapur is an Senior Consultant - Orthopedic & Joint replacement Surgeon at Currae hospitals, Thane.

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Dr. Jayant Gawand

Consultant - Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgeon

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Currae Doctor

Dr. Kshitij Thoke

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dr. shailendra patil thane

Dr. Shailendra Patil

Consultant - Orthopaedician & Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Shailendra Patil is a leading orthopaedic surgeon in Thane, Mumbai & Navi Mumbai. His Key specializations are in Joint replacement and Arthroscopic surgeries. Over the past few years, he has served a diverse population in and around Mumbai, with experience of more than 3000 joint replacement surgeries until April 2017, of which more than 2000 were done individually by...

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Dr. Subodh mehta

Dr. Subodh Mehta

Consultant - Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Mehta completed his MBBS and MS from Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai. He has completed Post Graduation from Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital. Masters course in Trauma in Davos Switzerland after Melbourne Line. Dr. Subodh Mehta had done Special Training in Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (AO ASIF) Basic, November 2000, Mumbai, Advances in Fracture...

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Dr. Swapnil Zambre

Consultant - Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement

Dr Swapnil Zambre, is associated with Currae Hospiatls as a Consultant - Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon. He also had the privilege of working extensively for 12 months for shoulder arthroscopy fellowship with Prof. Ofer Levy the world renowned shoulder surgeon from Reading Shoulder Unit,Uk who designed the first stemless reverse shoulder replacement. He had an opportunity to work with...

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Dr. Vidyanand Raut

Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Vidyanand Raut has had extensive training and a 18-year experience in the field of joint replacement surgery. He attained his orthopaedic training in Mumbai, and was selected for prestigious felowships in renowned hospitals in USA, UK Australia and India. He is working at some of the most advanced multispecialty tertiary care hospitals in Mumbai, Thane and Vasai-Virar region.

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Types of Hip Replacement

There are mainly two types of hip surgeries using different techniques and components. One is the hip replacement and other is the hip resurfacing.

TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT: In this kind of hip surgery a part of femur (thigh bone) including the head of femur (ball) is removed and a totally new artificial ball of smaller size is fixed into the remaining thigh bone. Existing socket in the pelvis’s surface is roughened so that new socket component can be accepted so that it joins up with the new ball component. With the help of acrylic cement many artificial parts are joined, but in younger patients it is left as such for the bones to grow. If one part is fixed with cement it is known as hybrid hip replacement. Different replacement combinations used are:

HIP RESURFACING: In this procedure over the head of the thigh bone a hollow metal cap is fitted. This surgery involves lower risk than the former one. This is not suitable for people having low bone density or suffering from osteoporosis. This surgery often causes inflammatory reactions and effects on health are unknown. It is rather less used than the total hip replacement.

Procedure of Operation

Hip Replacement Procedure | Currae Hospitals


After the hip replacement is done a little walking is encouraged. New hip will hurt but it is recommended to stay in hospital for at least 3-5 days. Patients usually walk with the help of the crutches for 4-6 weeks after operation but will recover fully after 3-4 months. Recovery time is thus based on patient’s health and his age and medical history. After the surgery patients should follow the proper exercise process recommended by their physiotherapist and should follow it religiously. It will help the hip set to its right place without any problem. Hip replacement will again provide the same mobility after few months.

Benefits of Hip Replacement


Treatment in Mumbai/ Thane

Hip replacement is extremely necessary if there is any problem in the joint that resists the mobility. This is because the longer wait can lead to development of several joint related diseases. Doctors that are expert in these surgeries and best hip replacement surgeons in Mumbai/Thane can treat this disorder with the maximum rate of success. With proper identification of patients, medical history and health status operation is performed and the hip replacement surgery cost is consulted.Such operations like hip replacement surgery cost in Mumbai cost nominal and are effective with long term of satisfaction. Since hip replacement is a crucial decision surgeons that are experienced should be preferred.We have the best hip replacement surgeons in mumbai

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