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Foot & Ankle Surgery in Thane


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Complications in foot can be reduced by pain management, physical therapy or bracing. But foot or ankle surgery is best option of all. Prior to surgery a full study on patients’ medical history is done. During the surgery various anesthetics are given based on the patients’ injury. This helps the patient reduce the pain. After the surgery is done doctors monitor the feet or ankle and pain management physician guides about the exercises. Patients with minor injury get discharged few hours after surgery. But those with complex operation, or total foot replacement need to stay.

How is it Performed?

    Hallux valgus: By bandaging and using Velcro surgical shoe.
    Rheumatoid arthritis: Removed surgically.
    Hallux rigidus: Fusion surgery.
    Arthroplasty: removes deformed joint by making them flexible
    Arthrodesis: Fuses the phalanges together, leaving a stable toe.
    Ankle fusion: Foot is fused at a right angle with leg, and bones are held together using screws performed using keyhole surgery.
    Triple fusion: Fusion of three joints by a combination of plates, screws or staples.
    Ankle replacement: Worn out ends of tibia and talus bones replaced with metal or plastic.

Other procedures are Achilles tendon disorders, Morton’s neuroma, Tibialis posterior dysfunction and plantar fasciitis.


Different patients have different needs of recovering after the surgery. This is because of the type of operation or the health of the patient. Physiotherapist support is recommended. After surgery, appointments should be made with the doctors or GP, and nurses should only remove the stitches and bandages. Drugs or medication should not be stopped after the surgery and if done then rheumatologist should be consulted. Clothes that are easy to fit so that it does not affect the operated are should be worn after the surgery. The occupational therapist should be consulted if any problem moving with the crutches.


There are many benefits of getting the foot or ankle surgery done rather than bearing the pain and the deformed foot forever. Some of the benefits of this surgery are:

  • Foot gets better and the appearance is improved giving patients confidence to walk in public.
  • Long lasting relief from pain. Most people who got operated for Bunions are satisfied.
  • Functioning and mobility of the joint improves.
  • Patient can select any footwear they want after the foot or ankle surgery.
  • This is the most effective cure for ingrown toenails and nail matrix is the absolute solution.

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  • What are the anticipations after foot surgery?
    Generally, after the surgery, you are supposed to wear a cast or splint for 10-15 days. This is done in order to get hold on your foot.
  • Is there any pain after the foot surgery?
    Yes, pain is common. But it should not get worse and you should not wait for too long. Take your pain medications properly.
  • How functioning can I be after surgery?
    At least after 10-14 days, you can move.  Do not live any weight as it will injure your foot and increase pain in the ankle.

Treatment in Mumbai/ Thane

With a team of expert surgeons and advanced medications, foot or ankle surgery can easily be done in any hospital in Mumbai or Thane. Thousands of people daily get their foot and ankles get done so that they can live their life with no problem in mobility. Proper diagnosis of patients is done, and depending on their medical history treatment is done. Proper anesthetics and drugs are given pre and post surgery. Mumbai and Thane is the place if you are expecting a total recovery of your deformed foot and want to move freely and wear your favorite footwear.



Our Patient Care Team would guide you.




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