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Elbow Replacement Surgery in Thane


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Elbow arthroscopy is one of the most popular surgeries for the elbow joints. Elbow is formed by joining of three bones- humerus, ulna and the radius. The elbow joint is covered with the articular cartilage and acts as a natural cushion to protect the bones at the joint. Remaining surface is covered by the synovial membrane to lubricate cartilages. Elbow surgery is suggested if there is wear and tear in the elbow tissue, cartilage surfaces and other soft tissues. Several elbow surgeries are: golfer’s elbow treatment, elbow joint replacement, ulnar nerve decompression, and repairing collateral ligaments.

Procedure to Perform

In this surgery damaged portion of elbow is removed and replaced with implants.

  • An intravenous tube is inserted into the unaffected arm to administer medication and antibiotics during surgery.
  • Anesthetics are given.
  • An affected elbow is sterilized.
  • Precision instruments are used to cut the humerus and ulna for implants.
  • Implants are inserted and fixed with epoxy cement.
  • Two parts of the hinge are brought together and locked with pin followed by a dressing.
  • A sterile bandage is applied and packed with a splint to avoid swelling.
  • Anesthetics wear off, but elbow remains swollen for few days.



After the surgery elbow joint takes several weeks to recover. Pain is a common symptom so pain relievers and sometimes stool softeners or anti-inflammatory medicines are also prescribed. Ice packs should be used to reduce swelling and elevating arm should be done carefully. While resting elbow should be higher than heart and hand higher than the elbow. Fingers and wrist should be moved frequently. Motion exercise for preventing joint stiffness recommended. Dressing needs to be removed by a nurse and as per doctor’s suggestions. A splint is removed in 2-3 days and dressing is kept on for several weeks. Patients thus slowly recover.


  • Is elbow surgery the right option?
    Yes. If the pain in your hand is increasing and causing problems, surgery is the way to cure it. Elbow operation is an open arthroscopy and will replace your damaged portion with an implant.
  • Is elbow surgery covered by insurance?
    Reconstruction of hand is covered by many insurance companies. You can contact your insurance officer for further details.
  • Along with functionality can the appearance be fixed?
    Yes. In some conditions that are traumatic ones, proper surgery and effective surgeon team can even improve the appearance. Elbow surgery helps mobility better.

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Surgery in Mumbai/Thane

Elbow surgery is not a very intense operation but needs to be done correctly at once. Any deformity left can cause a lot of problems. A team of elite and experienced doctors in Mumbai and Thane offers a very good service and a guaranteed successful elbow surgery. With right diagnosis and correct treatment followed by effective medication, the doctors in Mumbai’s hospitals can treat elbow and arm related problems helping you gain a proper mobility. You can thus again move your hand properly and go out in public with whole new confidence. Doctors in Mumbai/ Thane are the best in the field of elbow arthroscopy.


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