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what is arthritis?

Arthritis is commonly known as inflammation but it is not a single disease. It refers to numerous joint pains or joint diseases. People of all age and sex can suffer from arthritis. A delay in the treatment can lead to lifelong disability. Some of the symptoms common in arthritis are a pain, swelling, stiffness and the reduction the motion range. These symptoms initially are very mild but can take severe form during the course of years. Chronic pain, inability to climb stairs and difficulty in walking are the disorders people can get who suffers from arthritis. Not only the joints, arthritis can sometimes affect the heart, lungs, kidneys and the skin of the patient. When an only single joint is affected it is called monoarthritis. If two or three joints are involved it is referred as oligoarthritis. With more than four or more joints involved it is known as polyarthritis. Treatment of arthritis can improve the life quality, minimize the pain and control the joint damage. Various reasons leading to arthritis are infections, immune system dysfunction, injury or genetic makeup. Abdominal metabolism is also one of the causes. Arthritis is mainly common in people above 65 years of age.



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Treatment in Mumbai/ Thane

In Mumbai and Thane, the treatments are easily available and the doctors are highly talented and experienced. Arthritis needs to be treated as soon as possible because the delay can lead to chronic disease. Also, the doctors need to be very talented so that they can diagnose the proper form and arthritis and can suggest a proper treatment. Mumbai and Thane have the better prospects of getting a total treatment so that it can be cured properly. Hence if in India Mumbai is the best place to get your arthritis cured.


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