NICU and Paediatrics

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) are healing centres that specially cater to newborns and infants. Contrary to their popular perception as fearful places, they are actually life saviours in more ways than one. Read on to find out more

Highly-specialised medical and paramedical team

Babies who need to be in NICU are very closely monitored by a multi-disciplinary medical team of Neonatologists, trained neonatal nurses, development specialists, paediatricians and paramedical staff. These child specialists work round the clock to help ill babies get better. It is only a matter of time before the babies get better and can be taken home

Highly-advanced equipments and modern facilities

NICUs being highly specialised units are always very well-equipped with the latest and most sophisticated medical equipments like Bililights (yellow lights to treat jaundice), C-PAP, incubators, umbilical catheters and others to expertly tend to delicate patients. In addition, NICUs are doubly strict when it comes to matters like hygiene and visiting hours

Quick response times

What also distinguishes NICUs from other specialisations is their quick turnaround time. In fact, the agility of the doctors, paramedical and support staff at NICUs enables them to deal with any type of medical emergency


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There are many reasons why newborns require the specialised care of an NICU. Some of them are

Pre-term and weight related issues

In cases where the baby has to be delivered out of term (before the ideal 9 months’ gestation), or in case of extremely underweight babies, it might be necessary to admit them in an NICU. This is so because their faculties aren’t as developed as full-term babies, necessitating additional external support

Underdeveloped vital organs

NICUs are also mandated for babies whose vital organs are underdeveloped. Such babies may require breathing assistance, heart surgery, nitric oxide therapy (to combat lung problems), cooling for neonatal brain injuries and so on

Infections & Birth Defects

Babies who are born with infections like jaundice or birth defects or complications like seizures, respiratory distress (breathing problems), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and to undertake specific procedures like blood transfusion

Increased chances due to maternal & delivery complications

Babies born of mothers with complicated medical histories consequent to factors like late or multiple pregnancies, drug or alcohol abuse, foetal distress (where changes occur in the baby’s organs because of insufficient oxygen), unusual birthing presentations, nuchal chord (in which the umbilical chord drapes round the baby’s neck) and other complications

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