Nearly 800 attendees benefit from the garbha-sanskar session in Thane
Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Thane, October 26, 2015 : It is said that good principles can be inculcated in unborn babies in the womb. With this thought, Currae Gynaec| IVF |Birthing Hospital undertook an initiative for organizing a Garbha-sanskar session for women in the city. Nearly 800 women, of which 582 pregnant women from across Thane, benefitted from this session.

The session, conducted by renowned speaker Dr Balaji Tambe, shared insights on the impact of teachings in the womb. In its literal sense, Garbha-sanskar means, imparting knowledge and education to the foetus in the womb. The session highlighted the relevance and importance of positive-thinking, good healthy diet and ways to communicate with the foetus with the the touch. While most sessions focus on the teachings for ‘would-be’ mothers, this one also included ‘Fathers’ and emphasized on importance of father’s touch and positive communication to the foetus to imbibe good morals and principles.

Marking the occasion, Currae hospital also announced the launch of its hospital’s new website- that provides special offers like free mammography, free arthritis consultation, free consultation on menopause etc to the early visitors.

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