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Three Cycle Programmes

This program is designed for all the couples/individuals that are considering In vitro fertilization (IVF), three cycle programs is the available alternative and is better over other alternative options. If a qualifying couple/individual never attain a live birth, there are other alternative options available so that choices can be pursued. The program doesn’t guarantee a successful result, but instead, is an exceptional plan which restricts the financial risk when a live birth doesn’t happen.

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Brief Of IVF Three Cycle Plan

IVF three cycle plan includes the cost of screening, tracking, and drugs. The Plan fee is made up of the non-refundable and refundable part. Upon verification of live birth, the hospital will form the necessary conditions which will be required for the procedure to go smoothly.


After every complete IVF cycle, the couple/individual and doctor meet and decide together the appropriateness of moving with a repeat effort. To put it differently, couple/individual have the right not to proceed further if they don’t consider it necessary. As indicated before, every IVF cycle corresponds to an ovarian stimulation therapy followed by the nonsurgical aspiration of these eggs, their fertilization at the embryology laboratory accompanied by the transport of fertilized eggs or embryos, (if any). If pregnancy isn’t achieved, the couple/individual will have a one to one discussion with the doctor and decide the future steps accordingly to be taken. the doctor may need further testing, if consequences of cycle indicate other variables that may be impairing IVF success


Most patients who don’t attain a live birth because of the very first or second effort will probably be recommended to go forward with a repeat effort. The principal reason to not do this would consist of insufficient ovarian response, inadequate egg quality, insufficient embryo quality, emotional contraindications, medical contraindications or poor patient compliance.


The current Fertility Program keeps the right to complete a patient’s involvement after each completed cycle.

The Benefit of Currae- IVF Clinic

  • Consultation with fertility doctors to answer all your queries.
  • Follicular Scan and semen analysis
  • Cumulative Success Rate of upto 70%
  • EMI facility available
  • Financial burden reduced to plan the further IVF treatment.
  • Low IVF Cost and 50% money back*
  • Expert team of IVF specialist who has delivered more than 7000+ Test Tube Babies

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The IVF Treatment Program at Currae Hospital


3 Complete IVF/ ICSI Cycles which includes the following:

  • All Medication, Hormones, Sonography, Labware, IVF lab charges (excluding multivitamin)
  • Anaesthesia, Anaesthetic medication
  • Embryo freezing by vitrification for one year
  • Blastosis culture

What are the female requirements for IVF three cycle program?

  • The female spouse must finish her cycles until her 36th birthday. She must complete before her 35th birthday and have at least eight mature eggs.
  • Female should possess BMI ? 30 in the time of the cycle.
  • The female spouse should have normal ovarian
  • No contraindication to IVF pregnancy or treatment.
  • The absence of hydrosalpinges; should be removed before CCT or consent to eliminate after the initial cycle, even if no pregnancy.
  • Female might not have experienced a couple of miscarriages.
  • Shouldn’t have severe endometriosis.
  • Have to have eight adult eggs in recovery if era ? 30 and two ovaries or at least six adult eggs in recovery if age is < 30 and one ovary.

The Currae Advantage


Progressive Fine Tuning Methodology

  • Understanding response of body
  • Can fine tune further treatment
  • Cycle – on – cycle improvement
  • Individual tailor made regime for
  • maximizing success
  • Complete transparent database
  • Seeing babies heart rate is success for us

Issues That May Arise After IVF

Infertility Treatment can result in a number of these issues:

1. Multiple births: Sometimes more than one embryo may get implanted into the Uterus through the IVF procedure. This may increase the probability of multiple births. If several fetuses co-exist, then this type of pregnancy invites some undesirable pregnancy problems like premature labour, the low birth weight of the infant, or early delivery. In reality, research suggests that IVF usage raises the odds of premature shipping or low birth weight.


2. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome: When fertility drugs are injected into the body to cause childbirth, it can lead to a syndrome known as Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome that causes swelling and pain in your ovaries. The signs can remain for about a week. The individual may experience nausea, bloating, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and nausea. However, the situation changes if you get pregnant. If that’s the circumstance, these signs can persist for a few weeks also. In certain acute cases, rapid weight reduction and uncomfortable breathing can be gotten.

Our Expert

Dr. Garima Sharma

Consultant - IVF

Dr Garima Sharma is a Consultant Fertility Specialist. She excels in employing evidence-based medicine and the latest technologies in diagnosing, counselling and treating fertility in totality.

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Dr. Madhuri Gandhi

Consultant - Gynaecology & Infertility

Dr Madhuri Gandhi is one of the leading gynaecologist & obstetrician of Currae women's hospital in Thane. She managed various obstetrics and Infertility related cases. She is expert in managing cases of low ovarian recurrent IVF failures as well as managed cases of recurrent abortions. She Initially worked abroad for past 15 years in prestigious U.K. recognised hospital as Senior...

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Dr. rita modi

Dr. Rita Modi

Senior Consultant - Fertility Specialist and Reproductive Endocrinologist

Dr. Rita Modi is a Consultant Fertility Specialist and Reproductive Endocrinologist at Currae Gynaec IVF birthing Hospital specializing in treating infertility over entire spectrum of possible interventions (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), Successfully treated cases with severe Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Adenomyosis, Severe male factor Issues, Unexplained Infertility etc. As extension to her specialization, she also takes keen interest in management of...

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dr. satyendra prabhu

Dr. Satyendra Prabhu

Consultant - IVF Specialist

Dr. Satyendra Prabhu is an IVF specialist at Currae Gynaec IVF Birthing Hospital in Thane West. He has an experience of 25+ years in field of Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Infertility. He had completed MBBS from Grand Medical College & Sir J.J Group of Hospitals, Mumbai in 1987, DGO from College of physicians and Surgeons Mumbai in 1990 and Fellowship of Gynaecology...

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Dr. Ranjit Joshi

Designation: Consultant Fertility Specialist

Education: MBBS, MRCOG

Dr. Mugdha Bhamre

Designation: Fertility Specialist

Education: MBBS, MS (Obgy)


Currae hospital was the one stop solution for me throughout my pregnancy till my baby came home.. 


Special thanks to Dr Madhuri Gandhi who is dedicated towards the patient’s health whole heartedly.

Overall a very good experience 🙂

Thanks for making that moment so special and the journey so joyful, Starting from day one of the pregnancy till the delivery and discharge.

Dr Swarupa Iyer never let us feel this journey as a challenge, rather made it so smooth. On the day of delivery, starting from the operation till the delivery, she was holding the hand of my wife.

Thanks Currae.

Currae hospital has phenomenally delivered good service .Both doctors (the original consultant and the doctor performing the delivery) and nurses were very cooperative .


Our special thanks to Dr Vidya Shetty, Nishika , Subhangi sister , TPA Department Staff for delivering excellence in service .

Thanks a ton!!!

Dear Currae team

I had an great experience with you guys.
Special appreciation for Dr Swaroopa Iyer , TPA team, Nursing Staff and Priyanka .As pregnancy is a nine months plan and hence during entire tenure we were well briefed by Dr Swaroopa Iyer. She helped us on diet plan , regular exercise and baby health.

Thanks and we wish all the best

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# Expert Team of IVF specialist who has delivered  more than 7000+ Test Tube Babies
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# Low IVF Cost with EMI facility and 50% money back*

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