Currae Executive @ INR 3500/-

Details: This health check-up plan includes the following

CBC with ESR, Blood Group, Blood Sugar Fasting & PP, Lipid Profile, Stool Routine & Microscopy, Urine Routine Microscopy, S. Creatinine, BUN, Liver Function Test, Chest X-ray, USG Whole Abdomen, ECG, Consultation-Physician, Consultation-Physiotherapy.

Guidelines for Health Checkup:

  • Checkups will be carried out from Monday to Saturday with prior appointments only.
  • Any cancellations should be intimated at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Payment will be accepted by Cash or Credit/ Debit Card only.
  • The approximate time for the completion of the entire package is around 6 to 8 hours.
  • Patients are requested to report for registration at the allocated time.
  • Please bring along all your earlier medical records when you come for the checkup.
  • Relatives are most welcome with the patients. In fact, we would recommend that the
    family should be involved in counselling sessions.
  • You are requested to reach 8 am to facilitate the smooth process of your checkup.
  • Minimum 12 hrs fasting (may drink water is essential prior to check up.)
  • You are requested to bring samples of urine and stool. You can get sterilized containers
    from main reception or you can purchase it from any pharmacy shop nearby.
  • Wear loose clothing, no jewellery (Necklace /chains etc) and easily removable footwear.
  • Inform us in advance if you want any additional investigations or consultation to be done
    so that we can schedule an appointment for the same.
  • We can provide additional investigation/ procedure/ consultation at request, if required.
  • However, these will be billed separately in addition to package payment.
  • An authorization letter from your company is required to avail of services for the company.
  • Please be informed that certain tests like X-ray are not to be done if you are pregnant or
    likely to be pregnant.
  • PAP Smear test cannot be done if a woman is menstruating.