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Gynaecologist In Thane

  • Use of Advanced “Closed Working Chamber Technology” for superior IVF treatment.
  • Best customer services for the past couple of years.
  • The team holding decade old experience in infertility.
  • High tech infrastructure and friendly staff.
  • Expert fertility evaluation
  • The success rate of over 70% in IVF procedure.
  • State of Art Infrastructure and advanced IVF Lab setup.
  • Highly Experienced Fertility specialist & skilled embryologists.
  • Professional counselling



The feeling of motherhood is really special feeling for a woman as well as the family. Motherhood, as it may seem is not easy especially with complication occurring at later stages. To help you deal with all medical issues during your pregnancy gynecologists are available. They are medical experts that specialize in women’s reproductive systems.



Currae Women’s Hospital supports women healthcare throughout their lifelong journey from puberty to childbearing age to menopause and beyond. It offers the latest services in women’s healthcare in a hassle-free environment to ensure a joyful experience. The facilities include cutting-edge technologies and the infrastructure to provide high-quality treatment with precision. Currae Hospital has specialized team of doctors holding a decade old experience dealing with the issues of infertility.


We guarantee that the price you are given will include everything from the procedure itself, to the cost of your overnight stay and after care appointments – there are no hidden costs.



1. Can I travel during pregnancy?

Traveling throughout pregnancy is safe, considering you ask your gynecologist first before moving out. In case of emergency keep all your important contacts ( people who can reach you in one call) handy along with your doctor’s contact while you are traveling. Do not sit for a long time during any stage of your pregnancy. Keep moving around frequently in case you are traveling by car or an airplane as prolonged sitting can result in blood clots forming in your body. The use of support stockings is very important. Keep drinking water at regular intervals and stay hydrated no matter how many times you may have to visit the loo. If you have any query or issues feel free and ask your doctor before departing.

2. Is it safe to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

Until your doctor advises you to avoid any kind of sexual intercourse, you may continue having it without any problems. Though most people are scared of a miscarriage occurring due to sexual intercourse, it is not the truth. For a healthy woman with a normal pregnancy and no complications, intercourse is safe into the last weeks of pregnancy. For your comfort, you and your partner should decide a comfortable position for both of you. if there are signs of problems in your pregnancy do not continue with sexual intercourse and consult your doctor immediately.

3. What is infertility, how do I know if I am infertile?

Infertility is the inability of a sexually active couple to achieve pregnancy in over a year of trying due to various reasons.

Following are the signs of infertility which may or may not be seen in every infertile individual

  • If you are over 35yrs of age and haven’t been successful in getting pregnant even once.
  • Irregular periods. The average woman’s cycle is 28 days long.
  • Painful or heavy periods and even No periods
  • Symptoms of hormone fluctuations
  • Extreme or unbearable Pain during sex

4. Is itching down there normal during pregnancy?

There could be various reasons for the itching like it could be normal or due to sexually transmitted diseases or yeast infections could be the cause of itching. Wearing tight or damp clothes to cause itching and other infections. Consult your doctor if the itching persists.

5. What foods should I avoid during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, you should have seafood fish to be specific as it contains Mercury Also avoid saccharine, alcohol, raw meats, unpasteurized cheeses, and meat, poultry and fish and other food items that have been under-cooked.



  • Why Haven’t We Been Able to Conceive Yet?
  • What Treatment Do You Recommend First, and How Long Will We Try This?
  • Are There Side Effects to This Treatment?
  • What is Your Success Rate With This Treatment

6. Does being overweight cause infertility and other problems in women?

The number of women going through pregnancy and other related issues is increasing day by day. The major reason being is the increase in the weight which is a serious concern as it causes various health issues like diabetes, complications in pregnancy, miscarriage etc. The prevalence of obesity in infertile women is high, as there is an association between obesity and infertility. Overweight

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