Best Urogynaecology in India Currae Gynaec-IVF-Birthing Hospital
Urogynaecology is a medical super speciality which conservatively or surgically treats women with either urinary or faecal incontinence, persistent genitourinary complaints or disorders of pelvic floor supports.
However, like any surgical procedure, Urogynaecology also has its share of myths like
Urogynaecology is very complicated
No. On the other hand, urogynaecology is so super-specialised that there are very less chances of complication
Urogynaecology is a standalone procedure
Wrong. In fact, Urogynaecology as the self-explanatory portmanteau suggests is a sub-speciality that deals with diagnosis and treatment of a range of uterine and gynaecological conditions
Urogynaecology is very rare
No. A lot of women experience urogynaecological problems. However, most choose not to talk about it out of shame or various other reasons
Best Urogynaecology in India Currae Gynaec-IVF-Birthing Hospital
If you are still wondering whether to go in for the recommended urogynaecology, knowing when urogynaecology is generally recommended may help you decide. Read on to know more
To correct prolapse
Urogynaecology is known to most effectively treat cases of prolapse – a condition in which the muscles, fibres and tissues that hold up the pelvic organs weaken due to age or other reasons like childbirth or trauma – leading to extreme discomfort and pain
To correct urinary incontinence
Urogynaecology treats common urinary problems like bladder pain, cystitis, overactive bladder symptoms and stress incontinence which adversely affect a woman’s general quality of life apart from posing the risk of turning into chronic complications
To treat other ailments
As urogynaecology is a specialisation that treads both gynaecology and urology, it might be recommended for treating complaints exclusive to either or encompassing both of them

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