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Best Skin & Dermatology in India Currae Hospital
Dermatology is the branch of medicine which is exclusively dedicated to the study of the skin.
A dermatologist , or skin specialist, thus deals with diseases and complications of the skin. However, like all medical conditions, there are a lot of myths around dermatology and skin care too. Some of them are
You can’t fight skin ageing
Wrong. You definitely can. A healthy lifestyle complete with plenty of rest, wholesome food, exercises and a stringent exercise regimen goes a long way in fighting skin ageing. Cosmetic interventions can also stop skin ageing
Dirt, chocolate and greasy food cause acne
Wrong. While cleanliness and healthy eating habits are pre-requisites to glowing and radiant skin, it does not result in acne
Applying moisturiser or foundation in upward strokes causes wrinkles
No. In fact, wrinkling of the skin is both a result of ageing and of unhealthy habits like smoking, drug and alcohol abuse
Scars don’t fade
With the advances in dermatology and cosmetology, it is only a matter of time before ugly scars from trauma or surgery fade
Best Skin & Dermatology in India Currae Hospital
If you have been referred to an Dermatologist, you are most likely suffering from one of these conditions
Persistent skin complications
As a highly-specialised branch of medicine, Dermatology effectively and conclusively addresses persistent skin complications and deficiencies like acne
Trauma and burns
Dermatological intervention is also enlisted in cases of trauma and fatal skin damages consequent to burns and acid attacks
To provide additional care and to enhance beauty
Dermatological support may be enlisted by general physicians to treat patients with unexplained skin conditions like skin allergies and sometimes also for purely cosmetic reasons

It hardly makes any sense to defer a Dermatologist consultation

Because you have all the right to feel confident and comfortable in your skin!
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