Laser Assisted Hatching

Laser Assisted Hatching | IVF Treatment | Mumbai, India
Laser assisted hatching is a process in which a hole is cultured in the ‘zona’ of an embryo before it is transferred
so as to enhance the zygote’s wherewithal to hatch out of the shell post its forming a blastocyst. As fertility enhancement is an extremely sensitive issue, there are a lot of myths regarding the procedure like
There’s a single method involved in assisted hatching
False, as many as three methods can be employed in hatching – using acidic Tyrode, mechanical means like partial zona dissection and laser assisted hatching. Of these, Laser assisted hatching is increasingly gaining popularity as it can be used to micro-manipulate embryos
Laser assisted hatching is rarely successful
Quite on the contrary, there are well-researched medical studies to conclusively prove that Laser assisted hatching indeed improves IVF success percentiles
Laser assisted hatching is a painstakingly slow procedure
In cases where an IVF facility undertakes trophectoderm biopsy, a laser hatching is also initiated as it is quicker and simpler compared to other methods
Laser Assisted Hatching Mumbai, India
When is your gynaecologist most likely to advise Laser assisted hatching?
Laser assisted hatching is generally advised in cases like
Progressive parental age

For ladies who are on the wrong side of 37 and have a history of two or more failed IVF cycles

Raised Day 3 follicle rousing hormone (FSH)

which needs impregnation assistance

Quilted and/or aberrant egg shell

of the mother-to-be which could create roadblocks in pregnancy

Poor/slow and underdeveloped embryos

that need help in order to enhance growth both in terms of quality and speed of growth

Embryos exhibiting excessive fragmentation

that necessitate assistance so as to gain mass and take the right route to health

So, cast aside all your fears and hop right on to the Laser assisted hatching bandwagon! Bon voyage to parenthood

Successful Laser Assisted Hatching

has ensured that a lot of formerly childless couples have conceived
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