Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy

In medical diagnosis, laparoscopy is the procedure suggested to scan the outside of the uterus while hysteroscopy is used to see inside the uterine cavity.
As is common to any medical procedure, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy have their own set of myths to contend with like
They are unnecessary
In fact, they are essential diagnostic procedures that are in some IVF cases unavoidable or mandatory in order to pin point the exact aberration that’s blocking pregnancy
They are complicated and long-drawn surgical procedures
No, they are absolutely simple, nearly-perfected and fairly simple procedures that are very common too
They are very costly
These procedures are extremely pocket-friendly and hope-giving
There are a host of post surgical risks
No, generally, there are no post-surgical complications save maybe the rare slight unease
When is your doctor most likely to suggest a laparoscopy hysteroscopy?
Gyneacologists usually suggest laparoscopy hysteroscopy for women who
Have a history of miscarriages or stillbirths
so as to ascertain the exact reason for the multiple miscarriages
As an essential IVF procedure
it is diagnostic in nature and cannot be avoided at any costs as it enhances the chances of fertility
For high-risk pregnancies
like older women
To detect cancers
malignancies, benign tumours, cysts and other ailments
So, save yourself a lot of worry by opting to do a laparoscopy hysteroscopy now!

Post a successful Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy

most women have reported the happy event of a successful pregnancy
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