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Infertility Workup For Female & Male | Fertility Treatment | Mumbai, India
We believe that no birth is singular. For, with every baby’s birth are born a fleet of other relations
like parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins and so on and so forth. And the good news is that with advanced medical technology, every married couple can experience the joys of parenthood. Yet, when it comes to infertility, there’re a whole lot of falsehoods masquerading as facts like
Infertility is a ladies’ issue
No, in fact, most women take this to their graves together with a lot of personal hurt and social ostracisation. A lot of times, men go on an ego trip and refuse to take up the work-up tests. The ideal approach, however, is to cooperate as a couple and undergo the diagnostic tests
Everyone gets pregnant very easily
Absolutely not. In a lot of cases, including your very close friends and family, assisted pregnancies are de rigueur. Only, because of the unfounded stigma attached to assisted fertility, no one openly talks about it
Getting pregnant is just a matter of timing
False. Infertility is a common, hassle-free and completely curable medical condition that is gender agnostic. However, it needs patient diagnosis and the heart-warming fact is that more than a half cases result in pregnancies
Maybe you’re doing it wrong
Certainly not! Infertility’s a medical state, not a sexual ailment
Infertility is nature’s way of population control
This is the biggest myth and in its wake, it brings along a lot of occult practices through which quacks and self-styled godmen make a lot of money especially in poorer societies and the lower rungs of progressive ones mostly as a consequence of lacunae in health education
Infertility Workup Services | Mumbai, India
What can you expect at an Infertility Workup

Counselling wherein the Currae specialist patiently listens to your stories, individually, too if you aren’t comfortable talking about some things before your spouse

A battery of necessary laboratory tests to conclusively analyse your unique condition

At the very outset, a semen analysis should be conducted and healing initiated. Further, the learnings of the semen analysis should be used to determine therapies advised to the lady

Ultrasound scans to see if there’s anything peculiar in the reproductive systems of the couple.

Assessment of ovarian reserve or a lady’s remaining egg supply through blood test and ultrasound and the like

Infertility workup services help access the

impact of factors such as age & obesity that negatively impact in the process of conceiving
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Dr. Rita Modi explains Effect of Age in Conceiving.

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