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The reasons for infertility could involve one or both partners. While 33% of the infertility cases are attributed to the male partner, in another 33% cases, the cause lies with the female partner. But with Currae IVF treatment in Thane, there are lots of reasons to be hopeful for the family you’ve always wanted.
As infertility in India is widely regarded as a social stigma, we completely understand the huge toll it can take on your emotional health & well-being. As secretiveness breeds unawareness, there are many questions associated with In-Vitro Fertilisation too. Here are a few of them:
MYTH: In Vitro Fertilisation is a risky process
IVF is a highly complex procedure. As is the case with any complex medical intervention, IVF too demands that the administration of stimulating medication be controlled & monitored by an expert specialist. Regular ultrasounds & blood tests that are used for monitoring the patients virtually nullify the risk.
MYTH: In Vitro Fertilisation leads to high risk multiple pregnancies
As with any assisted pregnancy procedure, IVF too could result with multiple pregnancies as more than one embryo is usually introduced in the women’s uterus to increase the probability of achieving pregnancy. However thanks to the Currae Gynaec IVF Birthing services and the advanced embryo selection techniques, it is possible for us to reduce the number of embryos to be transferred thus reducing the probability of multiple pregnancies.
MYTH: IVF treatment clinics are all the same
Even though all IVF Hospitals in Mumbai offer treatments, the success ratio differs for every hospital. Factors such as technology used, follow-up on patients, quality controls, experience of specialists and its recognition at the national level matters. At Currae, we have had the fortune of having achieved 100% success rates in IVF Pregnancy.
MYTH: IVF treatments are very expensive & unsuccessful
As IVF is the most advanced infertility treatment, it is more expensive than other basic infertility treatments. And a failed IVF cycle, can certainly push up the cost. We understand the added pressure of financial stress. Hence at Currae IVF treatment center, we have various financing options, discount plans and IVF money back plans that make the treatment affordable. When calculated in terms of cost v/s success ratio, Currae’s IVF services can be considered to be the most economical & affordable.
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Want to know if In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is the right treatment for you? Here’s when the specialist recommends you an IVF treatment:
When other fertility treatments have been unsuccessful

Depending on various factors such as diagnosis of the primary reason of infertility, couple’s age etc., the infertility specialist could begin with initial treatments such a fertility drugs, surgery or artificial insemination. However, if these treatments don’t yield success, the specialist would recommend you an IVF treatment.

When infertility is due to fallopian tubes

As In-vitro Fertilisation bypasses the fallopian tubes, IVF can help women with problems such as damaged fallopian tubes, blocked fallopian tubes, or absent fallopian tubes to conceive successfully.

When there are other female fertility problems

Disorders like Endometriosis, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), Abnormal Ovulation Cycles or the inability to produce healthy eggs can all be overcome with IVF procedure.

When there are problems with male fertility

Male fertility factor is the cause of infertility in about half of all infertility cases. Problems such as Varicocele, Un-descended Testicle, Retrograde Ejaculation, absence of main sperm line, low quality sperm, sperm path obstructions and anti-sperm antibodies can also all be overcome with an IVF procedure.

In-Vitro Fertilisation has helped millions of couples

get pregnant even when the fertility odds seemed to be against them, and is also used for expansions such as egg donation & surrogacy.
“ We checked Currae and were impressed by the infrastructure, the helpful nature of staff and the doctors. The billing was also transparent.”
O.V. Keswani
“ Very good ambience and refreshing rooms. Felt better after shifting from my previous hospital. Thank you Currae for a comfortable recovery. ”
Mrs. S. Nagarkar
“ Currae helped us overcome the twin barriers of increasing age & PCOS and enjoy parenthood. We owe the most joyful moment of our life to Currae. ”
Akshata & Hrishi

Dr. Rita Modi explains Intra – Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

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