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Commonly used along with IVF, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) has given hope to swathes of couples.
Assisted reproductive techniques (ART) like ISCI, being hush-hush in nature have always been shrouded by myths of all shapes and denominations like the following
ISCI is exclusively used with IVF
No, he list of conditions requiring ISCI injections include, but aren’t limited to, congenital aberration, developmental stay or oddity, hormonal malfunction or epigenetic effect
There’re way too many complications
This myth stems from the fact that given their busy schedules and the veil of secrecy covering the issue, a lot of couples go through fertility treatments before completely appreciating the root of their infertility or the conditions their offspring is likely to encounter
It is a superfluous process intended to escalate hospital bills
Absolutely not! Take the case of IVF/ICSI as a solution for extreme male infertility. IVF/ICSI, birthed many fathers; and these are men who couldn’t have fathered children by any means whatsoever
IVF/ICSI is unsafe
Truth be told, there are health risks even in normal non-assisted pregnancies too that every mother-baby duo has to contend with. Mostly, IVF/ICSI isn’t a culprit – parental genetic defects are. Also, standard procedures like the routine transfer of multiple embryos as a means to increase chances simultaneously enhance the prospect of multiple gestations
Children are at high risk for birth defects
Not true! The incidence of birth defects is extremely rare when we take into account the huge number of gestations and successful live births
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Treatment | Mumbai, India
Did you know?

There are no precedents or yardsticks to determine fertility. This is so because it is the couple’s mutual fertility prospect which eventually determines if a couple is fertile otherwise

The Single embryo transfer (SET) procedure is designed to significantly increase the number of fertilities but dramatically reduce multiple births. SET is also rightly credited with take down the risk of poor perinatal outcomes

IVF/ICSI conceived children aren’t at an augmented risk of childhood malignancy in IVF

ICSI can be used to overcome

male infertility problems, or in situations where the egg can’t be easily penetrated by sperm, and also in the process of sperm donation
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