3 Cycle IVF Treatment

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A home without kids is incomplete. We understand your plight as well.
With advances in IVF technology millions are enjoying parenthood world over. Today the average success rate of IVF treatment is about 30-40%. That means about 1 in 3 will be successful and remaining 2 patients will need to try again. The cumulative success after 3 cycles is about 70%. It is also important to understand the remaining 30% patients. That’s why we have designed an Innovative 3 cycle program. This is based on “Patient –to-Patient” support. The unsuccessful patients are refunded about half the cost, which they have paid. This helps them to continue their further treatment.
3 Complete IVF/ ICSI Cycles includes:
  • All Medication, Hormones, Sonography, Labware, IVF lab charges (excluding multivitamin)
  • Anaesthesia, Anaesthetic medication
  • Embryo freezing by vitrification for one year
  • Blastosis culture
  • Additional Frozen Embryo cycles

This Special Package Cost around 3 Lakhs, (for those who wouldn’t conceive get the refund of 1.5 Lakh on Humanitarian ground)

Infertility Workup Services | Mumbai, India
Benefits of this Package:
  • Cumulative Success Rate increases to 70%
  • Financial burden is reduced to plan the further treatment.
  • Patient-to-patient Monetary Support.

ADVANTAGES: Progressive Fine Tuning Methodology

  • Understanding response of body
  • Can fine tune further treatment
  • Cycle – on – cycle improvement
  • Individual tailor made regime for maximizing success
  • Complete transparent database
  • Seeing babies heart rate is success for us

Infertility workup services help access the

impact of factors such as age & obesity that negatively impact in the process of conceiving
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