At Currae IVF Hospital, we are very pleased to offer an exhaustive bouquet of assisted fertilisation procedures that ensure that your long-cherished dream of parenthood is realised soon.
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3 Complete IVF/ ICSI Cycles
An innovative patient centric programme which has 3 complete IVF/ICSI cycles & cumulative success rate approximately 70%.
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Infertility Workup
This division attempts to award a warm ray of hope to couples who have been unsuccessfully trying for a child by a host of diagnostic routes like lab tests and ultrasounds.
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In Vitro Fertilization Services
This division prides itself in being much-revered professional life-enhancers by virtue of their being trained assisted-fertilisation experts who diagnose, treat and ultimately fertilise and thereby extend families.
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Laser Assisted Hatching
This division is focused on the much-loved assisted-fertilisation technique that employs Laser technology to culture a hole in the ‘zona’ of an embryo before transfer so as to enhance chances of fertilisation.
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This division is singlemindedly dedicated to the medical procedure of preserving cells for probable use in the future as also to treat sterility and birth hope.
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Intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI) are among the most commonly used and safest assisted-fertilisation procedures that have birthed a lot of babies worldwide.
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This division is completely devoted to the procedure of Intrauterine insemination whereby healthy sperms are ingested into an ovulating woman’s uterus so as to induce fertilisation.
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Donors Programme
This division is dedicated to enhance fertilisation through a novel and innovative, albeit extremely confidential and private donors programme for donors and recipients of both genders.
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Blastocyst Culure & Transfer
This division actually refers to the common IVF procedure of transferring only the the healthiest embryos so as to enhance chances of pregnancy.
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Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy
This division has twin specialisations – laparoscopy which scans the outside of the uterus, and hysteroscopy which scans inside the uterine cavity.

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