Rectocoele Repair

Rectocoele Repair | Gynaecology | Mumbai, India
A Rectocele Repair is characterised by a situation in which the rectum pushes and moves the back wall of the vagina.
Rectoceles develop when the lower pelvic muscles are battered by labor, birthing or an earlier pelvic surgery or if the muscles are impaired because of aging. As is common to all medical conditions, rectocele repairs too have their own set of myths to contend with like the following
Symptoms are always pronounced
Actually a vast majority of cases are non-symptomatic or symptom-agnostic in nature and may at best manifest as an asymptomatic bulge discovered during a routine pelvic examination or come armed with a myriad other symptoms
Surgery is the only option
Absolutely untrue! Both nonsurgical and surgical methods can be exercised for treating people with rectocele. On the whole, treatment depends on factors like age of the patient, hope of future pregnancy, the feeling of coital role, intensiveness of symptoms, level of disability and the presence of other medical situations
Prophylactic measures aren’t actionable
Prophylactic measures are indeed very much available and widely used to prevent rectocele. These consider identification and tending to chronic respiratory and metabolic disorders, rectification of constipation and intra-abdominal disorders that may result in prolonged additions in intra-abdominal pressure
Tissue-fixation system (TFS) is life threatening
On the contrary, TFS is an extremely safe and effectual minimally invasive procedure for perineal body repair in women with third-degree rectoceles. It involves 3 steps – Cutting off the rectum off the vagina, finding deep transverse perinei muscles beyond their insertion point and upgrading and estimating displaced perineal bodies by inserting a non-stretch 7mm polypropylene tape
Rectocele Repair Treatment | Gynaecology Mumbai, India
When would your doctor recommend a Rectocele Repair?
In the highly unlikely event that you are advised a Rectocele Repair, it is mostly consequent to one of the following reasons
Symptomatic uterovaginal or vaginal vault prolapse

which mandates a full Rectocele Repair

Certain contraindications like anticoagulation

can’t be supported prior to the process

There are medical situations like inducing fecal contamination

which need to be arrested

Lay all your fears to rest by opting for a pain-relieving Rectocele Repair now!

Rectocoele Repair is quick & hassle free

  • 1
    Medical Check Ups
  • 45
    Approximate Surgery Time
  • 2
    Hospital Stay & Recovery

After a successful Rectocele Repair

most women have corrected symptomatic uterovaginal or vaginal vault relapse
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